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GlobeSmart® provides detailed information on how to work effectively with people from around the world along with cultural knowledge and demographic data.. This resource is jointly licensed by the Office of the Vice President for International Affairs (OVPIA), the IU Bloomington Libraries, and the Kelley School of Business for all students, faculty, and staff of Indiana University at the Bloomington campus.

STEP ONE: Register

  • Click Register at left or go to
  • Register using your email.
  • You will then receive an activation email from webtools@aperianglobal. (check your spam folder!)
  • Click the GlobeSmart Quick Launch to access GlobeSmart

STEP TWO: Establish Your Personal "GAP" Profile & Compare with Others

A. Take the GlobeSmart Assessment Profile (GAP) to learn more about your own preferred work style along five dimensions of culture:

Here's how:

  • From the GlobeSmart homepage, Take the Assessment.
  • The Assessment takes only 5-10 minutes to complete.
  • Learn about your resulting Profile by clicking on any Dimension in the chart.

Once you have taken the survey and established your own profile, your GlobeSmart homepage will now look a bit different; on the bottom right you will now see your own profile, and to the left there will be links for you to invite others and compare your profile with other individuals, teams, and countries.

B. Compare your profile with other individuals, teams and average country profiles.

Here's how:

  • Click Compare My Profile on the GAP tab.
  • Select the countries with which you would like to compare and select View Comparison.
  • Click on the resulting chart to Get Advice on how to adjust your style to work more effectively with the cultures you have selected.

C. Invite a Colleague or Create a Team in order to compare profiles and spark a discussion!

Here's how:

Invite Individuals

  • Click on Invite others from the GlobeSmart homepage.
  • Follow the tabs from left to right, confirm your name appears as you would like it to display on the invitation, and enter the names or email addresses of the colleagues you would like to invite.
  • Choose the Invitation Language and click Continue; confirm the information is correct and then Submit. Your invitees will receive the invitation via email.
  • Once they accept and take the assessment (if they have not already), you can compare profiles by following the link to Compare My Profile.

Create a Team

  • As you would with an Individual, go to Invite others and make sure your name displays as you want it.
  • Click the Teams tab and enter a Team Name that will make sense to the members you invite
  • Follow the instructions for entering team members and sending invitations.

Once two or more invitees have completed the assessment, the team name will appear on the Profile Chart.

STEP THREE: Build In-Depth Understanding of Cultures Around the Globe

Choose a Region, then a Country and access detailed, practical information on conducting business in over 60 locales. Under Business Skills, Culture & Customs, and Travel & General Info, you get instant access to over 50 business topics:

You can also post questions for the GlobeSmart Advisor Network, quiz yourself, and view multimedia that other GlobeSmart community members have uploaded.

For a live demonstration of the tool, register for one of our Open Enrollment Demonstrations at

If you need further assistance, please contact

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